Market Research according to us is a process which involves enquiry and investigation on a specific market which is researched on. The entire process of collecting, analyzing and predicting must be systematic, ethical with the right methodical approach. Different types of research initiatives which include exploratory, descriptive, analytical and predictive research are carried out to capture each and every historical data point for markets under the scope of our research and predict the market data for the same. There are several questions which clients ask us when we provide data to them and we think every organization doing research should be able to address these questions.

  • What are the sources of your data? Can you give us some important sources you have used to collect the data from?
  • How does a typical questionnaire sent to industry experts for collecting data look like?
  • How many primary calls (Calls with industry experts) have you made for this report? Can you list the positions of people you have contacted for writing the report?
  • What are the approaches used to gather data?
  • What models do you use for forecasting? Does the company verify the data after doing a forecast using certain in-house models?
  • What is the confidence level for the data on a scale of 1 to 10? (Especially for niche market areas)
  • How would the report help our company grow? Are you showing me new/existing opportunities in the Industry?
  • What are the grey areas of research in your report which are not addressed in detail?
  • Why the report is highly priced compared to other firms?
  • Do you provide any customization and support for this report after we buy the report?
Our research, be it through secondary or primary resources is oriented towards understanding opportunities, legal barriers for business, taxation policies, supply demand gap, new ventures and developments, product analysis for specific market under research, trade analysis, labor availability, OPEX and CAPEX details for the investment projects, competitive benchmarking and landscape.

The level of confidence for the data derived for niche markets varies from 7 to 10 on a scale of 10 and we make sure we improve on the quality every quarter. Our research methodology has been successful so far as we see our clients grow constantly in the areas of our research.